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  Since the power amplifier needs to simultaneously amplify the voltage and current of the input signal at the same time, it is common practice to first amplify the signal and then amplify the large voltage signal. The most basic work is to amplify the signal voltage circuit, is the pre-amplification; the most basic work is to amplify the signal current circuit, that is, power amplification. Due to the preamplification and power amplification of the two sets of circuits is not the same pursuit, the former need a high enough input impedance, low enough distortion (the other volume control is also placed on the preamplifier), while the latter need to try to do low Distortion on the basis of as much as possible to improve work efficiency. So the two separate design, with the greater flexibility can be done.

  High-voltage power amplifier is a very common test equipment, with the manufacturers of arbitrary wave signal generator to achieve, to enhance its drive capability to ensure that the corresponding test equipment to drive the purpose of how to choose a suitable power amplifier need to pay attention to the following indicators:

Bandwidth: Usually the amplifier bandwidth is defined by a sine wave, such as a power amplifier 100 kHz, which refers to a sine wave signal that can reach the highest frequency, rather than a square wave or triangular wave, due to its higher harmonics , Can not be achieved, usually manufacturers will give a small signal bandwidth or large signal bandwidth, customers need to communicate with their own manufacturers and applications.

  Voltage: the maximum voltage required to amplify the signal, the customer usually pay attention to their own test application voltage is valid rms Vrms or peak-to-peak Vpp, usually manufacturers are given peak-to-peak. Current: The power output of the power amplifier is usually constant, so that P = U * I, that is, the voltage and current are inversely proportional to the power constant, usually the current value given by the manufacturer is the maximum, especially when the DC When the voltage output is maximum, the current must be the smallest.

  Power: Power amplifier power represents the drive capability of the amplifier, P = U * I, the choice of power is usually related to the customer expecting to load the voltage and current on the device under test, but if the load is purely resistive load is easy to calculate , If it is capacitive or emotional load on the need for customers to communicate with the manufacturer engineers, a certain simulation to obtain an accurate demand. Channel: According to the application of the test to select the number of channels, the current mainstream manufacturers is a single channel or dual channel, but some manufacturers can customize the channel according to user needs, up to 8 channels can be achieved at the same time to ensure the synchronization of the channel can also output different phases Poor signal, to facilitate the use of the user.

Gain: power amplifier is divided into analog gain and CNC gain, analog gain using potentiometer adjustment, analog gain can not be precisely amplified only through external observation oscilloscope to read, and gradually eliminated by the manufacturers, digital gain control, high precision adjustment, intuitive Convenient, is the current amplifier used in the gain amplification mode. Input and output impedance matching: the amplifier is usually used with the signal source, usually the signal source has 50 ohms and high impedance output, the amplifier in the input impedance has a matching impedance, to ensure the safety of the input. Output impedance matching, due to the diversity of customer-driven loads, requires manufacturers to provide more flexible matching resistors.

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