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Supply Of High Quality Power Amplifier

In high-fidelity audio equipment, the power amplifier is used to process the audio signal of various audio sources and not to be distorted to achieve a certain power to push the speaker to sound. Among them, how to power the audio signal amplification, so that the power, high efficiency, small distortion, power amplifier is to solve the most important problem.

The basic requirements for power amplifiers

Output power is large. In order to get a large enough output power, the operating voltage and current of the amp tube close to the limit parameters. The maximum allowable power dissipation of the collector of the power amplifier tube is related to the heat dissipation condition of the power amplifier tube, and the heat dissipation condition of the power amplifier tube can improve its maximum allowable power dissipation. In actual use, the amplifier tube should be installed in accordance with the provisions of the heat sink.

Efficiency is high. The ratio of the power obtained by the loudspeaker to the power provided by the power supply is called the efficiency of the power amplifier. Power amplifier output power is provided by the DC power supply, because the power amplifier has a certain internal resistance, so it will have a certain power loss. The higher the efficiency of a power amplifier, the better.

Non-linear distortion is small. Due to the large dynamic range of the signal in the power amplifier, the amplifier operates close to the cut-off and saturation states, beyond the linear range of the characteristic curve, and must try to reduce the nonlinear distortion.

The basic composition of the power amplifier

In high-fidelity audio circuits, the amplifier circuit is usually composed of two or more audio channels. Each channel is divided into two main parts, the preamplifier and the power amplifier. Two parts of the circuit can be divided into two chassis, can also be assembled in the same chassis, the latter known as the integrated amplifier.

As the left and right channels are identical, so in the two-channel circuit only one of them, the circuit block diagram as shown below. The left side of the figure for the preamplifier, the right side of the power amplifier.

The composition of the preamplifier. Has a dual function: select the desired sound source signal, and zoom to the rated level; for a variety of sound quality control to beautify the sound. These functions are done by means of equalization amplification, sound source selection, input amplification and sound quality control.

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