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UHF Wireless Microhpone (BLS-6200)


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:BLS-6200

  • Application:Music, Voice, Recording, Meeting, Measurement, Amplify

  • Signal Transmission:Wireless

  • Trademark:BAILUS

  • Origin:Guangdong, China

Product Description
UHF Wireless Microphone BLS-6200; Professional outdoor performance use.

1. PLL Dual module locked loop design.
2. UHF 600 frequency spots PLL digital lock automatic selection funtion.
3. Innovative blue LCD static display.
4. Anti-interference funtional control, specialized for outdoor performance(multiple channels).
Mini processor for automatic selection funtion, it can choose the most powerful signal from two microphones.
Compared with those do not have such funtion, the reception ability is much higher. The working distance is lengthen, no dead points occured, this will be effectively to avoid discontinuous sound or noises.
5. Locdable control funtion button.
6. Built-in digital mute circuitry enables to overcome series frequency and distance
7. Buitl-in mode with 100 frequency DOT easy to projectuse, intallation.
8. Receiver built in smart rechargeable funtion(lithium battery life up to 500 times)
9. Low consumption of electricity circuit(A fully charged handheld can use 9 hours uninterruptedly).

Carrier wave frequency range: 793-816.960MHz
Frequency osclilation mode: PLL module locked loop design
Channels: 600CH
Frequency responses: 50Hz----20kHz
Working distance: 250 feet
Frequency space: 40kHz
Band width: 24MHz
Carrier wave stability: ± 5PPm≤ 10kHz
Image interference ratio: > 80dB
S/N Ratio: > 105dB(1kHz-A)
Sensitivity: -105dBm(12dB S/N AD)
T. H. D. (1kHz): < 0.5%@1kHz
Output Impedance: 2.2k&#937;
Audio output level: -12dB
Mute: Mute & Locked oop circuit
Display: LCD
Operation voltage: 12V DC, 600mA
Output connector: 1XLR Balanced

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