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Subwoofer amplifier factory offer


Subwoofer amp must be part of the home theater system and we know that something of everything is really important to know it really is it? How to understand how much bass the cannon has it? Today Xiaobian introduces some small rough knowledge of subwoofer.

Perhaps the role of the subwoofer amplifier is responsible for playing the sound of the movie with low frequency sound as part of the home theater system, the main speaker feels to compensate for the shortfall of low frequency quantity, or low frequency, Can not reach very low frequency field, it is obvious to everyone (or in case of massage chair, coffee table or something).

Whether classified or not subwoofer built-in amplifier, if it can be divided into two types, one is the active subwoofer, the other is a passive subwoofer. When distinguishing between box designs, it can be divided into general expressions, design of transmission line design, and bass reflex design. When distinguishing directional utterances, you can split the sound towards the back towards the back sound, the sound towards the ground, and towards the voice utterance toward the right, leaving the two top surfaces and so on. In terms of monomers distinguish between operating mode, the two push-pull types of that speaker. It is in phase with the passive radiator from monomers consisting of two or three phases consisting of speech type and utterance type. Amplifier built-in gun One of the most ideal subwoofers also designed the base equalization line and also to achieve more, as low frequency 100 Hz 80 Hz, you do a certain degree of collapse , Low frequency standing waves in the room can be relaxed flat frequency response curve. Of course, the price of this designed gun is quite expensive.

Generally, closing the subwoofer, the subwoofer is the most common and most common user subwoofer type (vented breath) aeration. The closed subwoofer box itself may not be communicating with external channels or gaps, closing, the woofer may be placed under the left and right front and back faces. This type of fast transient response can withstand a subwoofer, a large force, you can reduce the tank capacity.

The other two are relatively rare and relatively high, because they are these two types of generic subwoofer and subwoofer transmission line and manufacturing cost. A more active subwoofer amplifier is built in the current market, based on more active subwoofer.

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