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Microphone with high fall and impact resistance properties


Use the microphone to avoid accidentally dropping the collision caused the failure or abnormal. Due to capacitive sound head is made of a lighter plastic components and rugged light metal housing form and fell to ground impact smaller, lower failure rate of damage.

with small size, light weight and unique advantages:

Condenser microphones with the ultra-thin diaphragm, with small size, light weight, high sensitivity and excellent frequency response characteristics, they are able to design miniature microphone (commonly known as bee) to a wide range of applications.

the most suitable for Assembly on the wireless microphones!

Capacitor type microphone has above perfect of features, became audio engineering experts and the singing master of most love, and wireless microphone in stage singing or in home sing Kara OK, has became today world of trend, wireless microphone for itself can provides capacitor type sound head by needed of partial pressure, and has capacitor type microphone of all advantages, became digital audio times, professional audio expert dream of best microphone.

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