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Microphone is one of the weakest links in the system


Amplifier, mixer, process equipment is an important link in the sound system, technically very complex, but it belongs to the signal input to signal output of the amplifier, processing functions such as electronic devices, does not involve the nature of energy transformation. With the development of electronic technology, computer technology and DSP technology, performance and technical specifications of these devices has been the rapid development and enhancement. Microphone (speakers) are different, they are the power and sound can transform each other acoustic devices. Task such as microphone is the sound energy into electrical energy, which is energy transformation of a different nature, are much harder! Thus became one of the weakest links in the system. The so-called "weak", refers to the various technical indicators such as frequency response, distortion and dynamic range are far below those of other indicators of electronic devices. As shown in figure (a), (b), (c) listed typical amplifiers, microphones and speakers frequency response curve, the reader can see at a glance in the frequency range and the three curves of "smoothing" how big is the degree of performance difference! It has also been noted, the microphone (and speakers) the basic structure has not yet appeared in a decades-long time needs change, and vice versa, there are many unknown areas to be explored. For example: microphone (and speakers) the objective indicators and subjective hearing sense of relationships? Has not yet reached a conclusion.

Relatively consistent view is that good objective technical specifications microphone, does not represent its subjective hearing sense must be very good and poor objective technical specifications microphone, its subjective sense of hearing is unlikely to be good.

Condenser microphones (wired) as an example, the cheapest prices can be a few cents buying a (without the crust), can also be used for meetings, singing and instrument miking of speakers; with "class" upgrade, prices can be a few, dozens of Yuan, hundreds of Yuan (is a mid-range level) to thousands of Yuan (grade level).

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