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Microphone impedance


Microphone specifications, lists impedance (in ohms), based on the maximum power transfer theorem (Maximum Power Transfer Theorem), and when the load impedance microphone impedance matching, maximum power load values. However, in the case of most of the impedance mismatch, a microphone can still use, and therefore this specification has not received much attention. In General, less than 600 ohm low impedance; between 600 to 10,000 ohms of impedance above 10,000 ohms high impedance. Such as the Shure SM58 Microphone impedance 300 ohms.

3-pin XLR connectors can produce a balanced output signal, which can effectively eliminate outside noise interference. Three pins are marked 1, 2, 33 figures in American, 1 for grounding wire, 2 for normal phase (hot) signal, 3 for reversed-phase (cold) signal; euro, 1 for grounding wire, 2 for reversed-phase (cold) signal, 3 phase (hot) signals.

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