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Microphone how to solve noise


Microphone noise, first due to music sound quality problems, some poor quality itself contains the harsh effects of noise, you can choose to cancel the audition the sound, and then select replace other music.

Hardware failures can occur, check that the microphone is in one piece, whether there is a foreign body into it, whether shaking paper edge peeling, damaged. If this happens you can repair or replace the microphone the microphone.

May also be in the AC component is too large, this time is likely to be speaker power supply filter circuit has failed, especially the filter capacitor. There is a power problem, might be due to the power of electricity, a normal phenomenon.

Microphones and computer connected if there is a problem, broken microphones and computer connection, again correctly, and see whether there is bad contact. Microphone, this problem may occur in a strengthened State, simply remove the microphone boost to, because some sound cards do not support.

See you around there is no magnetic field and Sonic substance, such as mobile phones, electric fans and other equipment, electrical equipment away with magnetic field will fix the problem.

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