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How to buy power amplifier with little knowledge


Power amplifier is known as the "loudspeaker" acronym amplifier, the sound system PA is the most basic equipment, the problem is based on the weak signal from the signal source (professional sound system mixer) in order to drive the speaker sound amplification.
Power amplifier, power amplifier choose which brand is good
About PA
The power amplifier, the role of the speaker, and then the pulse train, is a weak signal from the sound source amplifier or preamplifier. The sound of the sound system amplifier is very good.
Amplifier, a variety of audio equipment, one of the largest family, its main function, audio equipment, so that the input to generate enough current to promote the amplification of the speaker sound reproduction, compared to the target after the weak signal. Power, impedance, distortion, and with different considerations Dynamic range control and regulation functions, depending on the amplifier in the design and manufacturing process of the internal signal processing circuit.
Option point
First of all, you have to complete a look at the interface
Power amplifier, it must have a basic input and output interface, it should include: coaxial, for input digital or analog audio signal, fiber, RCA multi-channel input speaker output interface, for the output of the audio signal.
Second, look at the surround sound format to complete
There are popular surround sound formats DD and DTS, which are two or more than 5.1. Currently, both formats have been developed for DD EX and DTS ES, both of which are 6.1 channels.
Third, in order to ensure that all the channels, separate power supply
Small each channel can be adjusted for some low-cost separate dual-channel amplifier channels, really less modified by the AV amplifier, which is large when it is divided into five channels.
Fourth, the power amplifier to see the weight of the power amplifier
Under normal circumstances, the powerful heavy equipment on the basis of the first power supply unit, please choose a heavy aircraft, most of the weight, amplifier chassis, from heavy machinery, it transforms him more value which means that the use of the container Or used to amplify the use of large capacity capacitors is to increase the quality of training. The following heavy chassis, the weight of the material auspicious sound, the degree of polymerization is from the chassis, isolated external circuit, and a part of the radio shell manufacturing material, with some help. Than the chassis structure of the high weight is stable, but also to avoid unnecessary vibration by the impact of equipment. Third, the re-amplifier, solid material than usual rich.
Power Amplifier The power sound system is the most important parameter that represents the ability to load the sound system. Well now, this is why it is necessary to pay attention to the time in the first place. For all manufacturers using different metrics to determine the performance of the product, even if they are, lacking sufficient knowledge, it is often possible to make an objective comparison difficult. Amplifier is also the case, pay attention to the following three points, you need to determine the power amplifier.
First, the battery voltage.
The car battery voltage is always changed for two common identifiers: 14.4V / 100W, the power amplifier 12V / 100W is completely different. To 12V voltage state, about 12V, basically the automatic voltage operation is closer to the actual situation during the measured power value. It can reach more power when it reaches 12V in order to get a lot and continue to determine the reference voltage as a power amplifier 12V.
Second, harmonic distortion THD.
Compare the continuous output power amplifier to the same (or close) THD value. The difference between the sound quality of the THD of the different values of the test is obvious, and sometimes the maximum power is highly recognized, and the distortion and noise are also very likely. Therefore, it should also be noted that the THD value is identified, please ensure that the maximum power is at the same time.
Third, the frequency range.
When the output of the continuous power amplifier is detected, the frequency range is actually used. Only the value of the particular high-frequency power of the power amplifier that is not required to determine the detection of the full range of identification. We are, it can compare the power amplifier after determining the same standard. If you want to select the sound system, under normal circumstances, please follow the general principle of power output. Amplifier output power, loudspeaker display ability to drive strong. The power amplifier is used in simple long-term use when the output is high, the power loudspeaker is shown in the case of combustion, and is chosen to be higher than the power when the sound quality fails on it and it should cause distortion.

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