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High quality power amplifier price


  In order to implement a power amplifier, a loudspeaker for processing audio signals from different sound sources, it is used for distortion without distortion. In these, the power, high efficiency, low distortion, power amplifier power supply method of the most important audio signal in order to correct the problem is amplified.

   The power amplifier is designed to obtain a sufficient output of the operating voltage of the amplifier tube and near the limit current parameter. Power amplifier tube Allowable power loss conditions Power amplifier tube maximum radiation of the collector, the power amplifier tube thermal conditions can increase the maximum allowable power loss. In actual use, you must install the radiator in the tube.

efficient. It is referred to as the power ratio of the power supplied to the efficiency of the loudspeaker of the power amplifier. Has a certain internal resistance of the power amplifier, the power amplifier output power has a power loss, because it is a DC power supply. PA will be more efficient.

   Since the large dynamic range of the power amplifier's signal is saturated beyond the curve amplifier off-state and operating characteristics, it is a linear linear range that is necessary to minimize distortion.

In a high quality audio circuit, in general, the amplifier circuit is composed of two or more audio channels. Each channel is divided into two parts, a preamplifier and a power amplifier. The two parts of the circuit may be included in the same chassis, since the latter integrated amplifier can be divided into two housings.

The two channels are the following circuit as a block diagram of the road which is the same as the left and right channel circuits. Turn on the preamplifier and left and right.

   Power amplifier dual function: select the desired sound source signal, amplified to the rated level. Easily manage the quality of various vocals. This function, the equalizer amplifier, the sound source is selected by the input amplifier and tone control.

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