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Custom microphone positioning advantage


During the whole test, custom machine positioning microphones than the ear has an edge, while little noticed differences ear microphones in different parts of the machine. Even if I am, sold the ear microphone position on the market is not the same. Bajaur and wolansen (1995) pointed out that hearing aids effective of direction characteristics not only is by microphone of model or hearing aids of type (for example ear machine or ear within machine) to decided of, machine shell of shape and size, using of catheter, tone mouth harmonies source of relative location, also has is big of relationship. Helena (1978) will ear machine of microphone placed in machine shell of 4 a different location, used from ahead incoming voice of method, respectively with KEMAR to measurement frequency response curve. His report pointed out that the biggest difference is that the frequency response curve of high frequency, from which conclusions can be inferred ear microphone location for positioning effects there is truth in. the purpose of this study is to discuss the behind the ear hearing aid microphones and in-ear hearing aids different position on the direction of impact.

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