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Correct maintenance of the microphone


MIC is part of the multimedia classroom is very important, although it's simple, the price is relatively cheap, but it plays an important role. Microphone is one of the most frequently used device in the multimedia device, if used improperly, will be reduced significantly

Low life expectancy, affecting the normal use of multimedia classroom. Their maintenance should pay attention to the following fact:

1, and remove the connector and the microphone is installed correctly. The XLR Plug (commonly known as kanongtou) into the microphone, rotate plug above buckle button and align the notch on the microphone, then push the plug into the microphone until the arrest of key position; microphone connector apart, hold the plug while holding down the button keys, and then pull the plug from the microphone. Not without alignment or press the button key case forced access and separate operations.

2, microphone in use appears "howling", probably due to hand over the microphone head or caused by the microphone too close to the microphone, the correct solution is: first volume down, pulled the same distance of the loudspeakers, avoid microphone and loudspeaker, and then adjust the appropriate volume.

3, microphone is a highly sensitive audio equipment, light must be taken with care, avoiding falling from a height. Impacts may cause damage to the microphone sensitivity even.

4, do not blow on the microphone or Pat its head by hand to audition right way to audition is speak into the microphone in a normal voice.

5, push and pull against the MIC key moderate attention, pull and push in place. If you found a great deal of noise in use, possibly because the switch is not pushed in place or caused by poor contact, the correct approach is to push and pull the switch. If the contact is not good, timely maintenance.

6, Conference microphone wireless microphone or long time, you should remove the battery and use installation. During use if the sound is intermittent, it may be caused due to insufficient battery power, in time to replace the batteries with new.

7, when not in use, store the microphone in a clean, dry place, avoid high temperature and humidity place for storage and use, so as not to affect the sensitivity of the microphone and sound.

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