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Capacitance microphone works


Condenser microphones have two metal plates, one electret film coated on the surface (mostly poly-fluorinated ethylene propylene) and grounding it, on another plate presence effect transistor gate, between the gate and the source connected to a diode. Dang standing very body diaphragm itself with charge, surface charge to power for Q, Board very between to electric capacity for c, is in very head Shang produced to voltage U=Q/C, dang by vibration or by air to friction Shi, due to vibration makes poles Board between of distance change, that capacitor c change, and power Q not variable, on will caused voltage of changes, voltage changes of size, reflect has outside sound pressure of strength, this voltage changes frequency reflect has outside voice of frequency, this is standing very body microphone to work principle.

Condenser microphone diaphragm use poly-fluorinated ethylene propylene, its moisture properties, surface charge, little affected by the humidity. Due to this microphone and capacitive structures, signal internal resistance is very large, in order to produce the sound signal leads and amplify the voltage, the output must use field-effect transistors.  

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