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    • Audio power amplifier coffee shop audio power amplifier store Power amplifier 2ch 4ch 150w - 550w
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      Audio power amplifier coffee shop audio power amplifier store Power amplifier 2ch 4ch 150w - 550w

      AG series product adopts upset steel, 2U case height, 150W -250W power range, The AG series pursue faster response speed and higher damping coefficient, the selected high quality components, the SMT production technology, unique drive circuit design, let the tone of the...Read More
    • Audio Amplifier
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      Audio Amplifier

      BQ series has a professional design for audio amplifier circuit Consistency. Even if different models with different power output; they can achieve the following performance. 1. Product features: Adaptive dynamic offset class AB amplifier circuit, makes the quality close to...Read More
    • Subwoofer Amplifier
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      Subwoofer Amplifier

      BD series amplifiers adopt unique full symmetrical float to design, this has the advantage of amplifier distortion can offset each other, this makes less distortion, sound more accurate, the disadvantage is that the manufacturing cost is higher. 1. Automatic power conversion...Read More
    • Power Amplifier
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      Power Amplifier

      Features: BQL series adopted high performance switiching power supply: 1. Excellent cooling system. Power amplifier of the isolation channel and straight blow air cooled, high-density Tooth dumbbell radiator. 2. Super load capacity. Has the rare ability to deal with difficult...Read More
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